City of Sacramento CORE program

Sac GreenEquity Business Development Resource Center is an operational C.O.R.E-Program of the City of Sacramento Office of Cannabis Management.  It is created to assist individuals and communities who are facing barriers to starting cannabis businesses due to the historical disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes.

Our team is eager to help new business startups, thriving businesses seeking renewals or modifications, and, the underground to become fully legal.  Apply now and thrive!

Sac Cultural Hub Magazine

Black Women Breaking Barriers in the Marijuana Cultivation Business

Mitchell is the very first Black woman to be approved for a cultivation license in the City of Sacramento. She is originally from Arkansas and has been a resident of Sacramento since 1985. THE HUB initially linked up with Mitchell 2 years ago at meetings that were taking place for the Sacramento Kids First Coalition meetings and she had noted that she was starting a cannabis business then but could not talk about it too much or go on public record about it. Mitchell has definitely been a pioneer in establishing a marijuana cultivation business, where she talks to us about the process with providing some golden steps of DOs and DONTs in the application process, what to expect, along with shedding crucial insight on her challenging journey to open her cannabis business.

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